At PANARENTAL we offer you the best selection of cars for your rental, based on personalized attention, in a comfortable and friendly environment.

PANARENTAL is part of the Panamanian company TOTAL CARRO CORP., a company dedicated to the rental, sale, leasing of vehicles, services and solutions for vehicular mobility in Panama since 2014, in turn it is part of the GRUPO OUTUMURO, a conglomerate founded in 1969 , which currently has financial and automotive activities in Venezuela, Puerto Rico and Panama. The vision of GRUPO OUTUMURO is to be the leader in motor vehicle rental, sale and after-sales services in Central America and the Caribbean, recognized for guaranteeing quality and satisfaction to the client, the organization, and the community.

Vision and Mission

We are committed to providing the widest range of products and services, availability, and excellent prices, as well as trained labor, the best corporate standards and advanced technology.

We currently have a fleet of sedans, trucks, and utility vehicles, at the service of the private, tourist, corporate and government sectors, with a 360-degree service scheme, based on our extensive experience in the automotive sector, which allows us to satisfy quickly and efficiently any need for mobility and transportation, under business schemes according to the requirements of our customers.

We guarantee our clients optimal use and enjoyment of the goods at their disposal, with a price-value relationship adjusted to the demands and demands of the market, thanks to an organizational structure oriented towards proactivity and assertiveness, with the vision of building relationships of long term.